Positive IT Services Job Growth

People who are looking for new job opportunities should look to the calgary IT services sector. The growth of pretty much all jobs in the IT sector is paralleling the decline of jobs in a lot of related sectors. Phone jobs are declining across the board, with thousands of telecommunications jobs fading as IT services jobs gain more and more ground.


The idea that these two services are related may not be immediately obvious. However, it should be noted that people primarily communicated over the phone when they were not communicating in person as recently as twenty years ago. However, with the rise of information technology, this is not the case to the same extent. It’s often more convenient to communicate via the Internet or nearly anything else, compared to communicating on the phone and getting someone to set aside time for that sort of direct communication. The people who have been doing telecommunications work all their lives are probably right to be worried.

However, it should also be noted that there will probably always be a place for the people who are specifically operating the phones. Lots of people would rather talk to someone on the phone than communicate silently through the Internet, and that isn’t just the case for the people who are more used to that system. People who have good telecommunications skills will probably always be needed in sales for that reason, given the potential for these people to win over more customers that way.

However, other jobs are going to be defeated as a result of new technological innovations, and people are seeing the early stages of that now. Data processing, including data entry, is the sort of field that is losing hundreds of jobs already, and this is only going to get worse. Many of the tasks that data processors do are being replaced by new forms of software all the time, and these forms of software are eventually going to become cheap enough that people will be able to easily fire most of the employees who work in that field. The software developers that are able to get tens of thousands of new jobs all the time are the very people who are defeating the data processing jobs that are slowly going extinct today.

Some people might inquire as to whether or not IT services jobs could ever be in trouble as a result of technological change, even though these are the people who are making the technological change possible in the first place. In fact, computers that can design new software programs are in the process of being developed in the meantime, and it is possible that eventually these computers will be able to create more new software than software developers themselves. Software developers who have created programs that have made their own jobs obsolete are going to do similar things in the future. However, at the moment, the IT services sector is adding jobs, and it is one of the few thriving niches in a recovering economy.


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Hot Water Tank Maintenance – A Worthwhile Investment

hot water tank maintenance drain

Few homeowners ever bother with hot water tank maintenance. Water heaters are almost forgotten until they fail, at which point the homeowner almost always has to ask for emergency repair services. But there is nothing hard about hot water tank maintenance drain; it just takes a bit of effort. With proper maintenance water heaters last much longer, do not pose dangers to the homeowner, and will not spring surprise failures at the worst possible time.

Regularly drain your hot water tank:

When water heats up, some of it evaporates leaving concentrated minerals behind. These minerals in the water form a muddy sludge at the bottom of your water heater tank. In time the sludge hardens to form calcium deposits.

The calcium deposit at the bottom of your tank acts as an insulation that prevents effective transfer of heat from the source to the water in your tank. This makes your heater use up more electricity or gas to achieve the same result. At worst the metal bottom could overheat, corrode and ultimately fail.

Prevention is very simple; just drain your water heater’s tank regularly. To be safe, it is best to drain the tank every 3 months. To drain the tank safely, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are wearing gloves and eye protective gear.

  2. Turn off the electrical power and /or the gas valve to the water heater.

  3. Also close off the water supply to the cold side of the heater.

  4. To make sure there is no pressure on the heater’s water tank, crack open the temperature and pressure relief valve. In set-ups where the temperature and pressure relief valve drain line is not piped directly onto floor drains, it may be prudent to catch the water that comes out in a bucket or a pan.

  5. Open the tank’s drain valve to allow all the water inside to drain. The process should take no more than half an hour. But if no water comes out, you need to call a plumber immediately.

  6. If at the end of the process the water remains murky, close the drain and fill up the tank with fresh water again. Repeat the draining process till clear water runs out.

  7. After draining your water tank, you can reinstall the T&P relief valve, close the drain valve and open the water supply line. When the tank is full, the water will start to flow out of the highest point – the temperature and relief valve fitting. Close the T&P relief valve, turn the electricity and/or gas supply on, and adjust the thermostat to the previous setting.

Check the relief valve:

The temperature and pressure relief valve drains off too much pressure and regulates temperature. It is a safety feature you cannot do without. Simply open and close to ensure proper operation – water should flow when open, stop when closed.

If you have any doubts as to your ability to fix a malfunctioning water heater, call in a professional. Organizations like the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada can help you locate suitable contractors.